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Rose on sale this weekend only

Rose, the second book in The Cajun Series of historical romances, will be on sale for only 99 CENTS this weekend, April 16-17, on Amazon. Be sure and download this heart-warming story while it's discounted for a limited time.

Rose: The Cajun Series

Rose Gallant was always the agreeable sister, which is why she’ll do anything to help her Cajun family find their father in the wilds of Louisiana. Joseph Gallant was separated from Rose and her two sisters thirteen years ago during le grand dérangement, the brutal exile by the British from their Nova Scotia home. So when a rich Louisiana Creole offers marriage and a chance to help, Rose believes the union will reunite her family. But it’s the passionate and handsome Coleman Thorpe that sets her heart to flame. Thorpe is both English and Protestant and therefore forbidden, but Rose will soon learn how determined a man can be in love, able to break down all boundaries and bring a family together. "Ms. Claire's tale of the Acadians (Cajuns) is rich in Old World traditions as she explores the early beginnings of what was to become the melting pot of American society. Rose and Coleman's love is the stepping stone to a new beginning and readers' hearts will be warmed by their love and its powerful message." —Romantic Times Magazine “I’m saving a spot for Cherie Claire on my keepershelf!” —Heather Nordahl, Affaire de Coeur

The Cajun Series follows a family of Acadians (Cajuns) who travel to South Louisiana and start anew after being exiled from their Nova Scotia home. The first three books follow the Gallant sisters as they attempt to reunite with their father in the wilds of Louisiana and Delphine (Book Four) takes place during Louisiana's role in the American Revolution. The Dugas family saga continues with A Cajun Dream (Book Five) and The Letter (Book Six).

Rose by Cherie Claire

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