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Ghost Town


Every day at dusk, in a small Louisiana town, the dead emerge from Lorelei Lake.


Viola Valentine must use her “gift” of seeing ghosts to rid a Louisiana town of its apparitions. In the process, she hopes her new ability, obtained after a hurricane barreled through New Orleans, will help her reach her beloved Lillye on the Other Side.

Yet, the more Viola struggles to talk to her departed daughter, the more frustrated she gets. Plus, there's a recession on, jobs are hard to come by, and her suffocating family and ex-husband keep making demands. She takes solace in a new love interest, one who teaches her how to harness her anger. 

In the end, Viola realizes that only love can solve her problems, from ridding ghosts of lakeside towns to healing a broken heart.



• Contemporary paranormal mystery

• Book Two of the Viola Valentine Mystery Series

• A full-length novel of approximately 78,000 words 

• R-rated content: Light sexuality

• Set in Louisiana and the Deep South

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