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FINAL Trace of A Ghost Book Cover.jpg

Trace of a Ghost


A stowaway ghost!

Travel writer Viola Valentine takes a trek down the historic Natchez Trace of Mississippi, but traveling along is an adventurous heiress who’s been dead since 1860! The former plantation owner died mysteriously and she wants her story known.

Meanwhile, a fellow travel writer — this one living — tries to convince Viola that her ghostly powers could help her reach her beloved Lillye on the Other Side. But are his attentions honorable or nefarious?

In the end, it’s a showdown between good and evil, and a bargain made with the devil at the crossroads may be Viola’s final undoing.



• Contemporary paranormal mystery

Book Three of the Viola Valentine Mystery Series

• A full-length novel of approximately 78,000 words 

• R-rated content: Light sexuality

• Set in Louisiana and the Deep South

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