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Ghost Trippin'

A ghostly road trip.


John Valentine left home for a science conference and never returned, his family chalking it up to the divorced father’s mid-life crisis. But when a body is found on the old family homestead, his daughter Viola must piece together the clues her father left behind.


The path to the truth takes Viola on a wild road trip through Texas where she must solve a host of mysteries to discover what became of her father. Along for the ride are her witchy Aunt Mimi, her uptight lawyer sister Portia and her sometimes ex-husband Thibault Boudreaux, otherwise known as TB.


What they discover on this crazy ghost trip through Texas will be much more than they anticipated.



• Contemporary paranormal mystery

Book Four of the Viola Valentine Mystery Series

• A full-length novel of approximately 78,000 words 

• R-rated content: Light sexuality

• Set in Louisiana, Alabama and Texas

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