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Damn Yankees excerpt

   "Give me a hug,” she ordered him.

   This was dangerous territory, but Colin complied, standing

up, wrapping his arms about her waist and pulling her close.

Maggie snaked her arms around his neck. “Now, sway.”

   She giggled as they swayed back and forth, Colin

completely ignorant of what this all meant.

   “People used to think we were crazy, but I think my mom

was in the habit of doing this with me when I was a baby and

never stopped.”

   He had to admit, the swaying hug felt nice. But then being

this close, feeling the way her body melded into his charged

him like a bolt of lightning.

   “Mom always said that hugs make you healthy. You should have them as often as possible.”

   “I’m all for that,” he said softly, slowly pulling her close enough to catch the fragrant scent of her hair.

   She rose on her toes to move her head above his shoulder, so Colin let his hands drift across her back. Maggie slipped both arms about his neck then, while Colin closed his eyes and nestled his face in her hair, pulling her tighter against his chest. Suddenly, the swaying stopped and they stood in the middle of the kitchen embracing.

   He knew he should move away, but damned if he had the power to do anything but hold her close. It all felt so natural, so right — like breathing.

   Just then Maggie exhaled and released her hold. She pulled back, resting her feet back on the floor and subconsciously pulling her hair behind an ear. “Well, that’s how it’s done.”

   She started to move away, but Colin grabbed her hand, pulling her back into his chest and kissing her soundly. She tasted of condensed milk and coffee, tangy and sweet. A little slice of Southern heaven.

 It all unfolded so fast, Colin hadn’t allowed himself to fully take advantage of the situation, which, if his logical mind had been at work, shouldn’t have happened to begin with. Maggie had fallen upon him with one hand braced against his chest and she used that advantage to gently push away. He had only a few seconds to savor her sweet Southern lips before they were gone.

 She glanced up at him expectantly, as if he had a perfectly good explanation for what he just did. Outside of pure lust, he had none.

 “You said Yankees should hug and kiss their families more,” he said with a grin.

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