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Ghost Fever Cover with UFO.jpg

Ghost Fever

The ghosts of the past never stop haunting.

Viola takes a job at her old summer camp in the Florida Panhandle, hoping for a peaceful place to work after months in COVID lockdown. But old traumas from her time at Camp Secret Spring resurface and Viola's dream of a quiet getaway quickly turns into a nightmare.

Her best friend disappeared that summer, never to be found. Was it the camp's mysterious water
that Ponce de León searched for? Or can her friend's vanishing be chalked up to the UFO sightings over the years? And just who were the Utopians who lived there before, many of whom died in the pandemic of 1918?



• Contemporary paranormal mystery

Book Seven of the Viola Valentine Mystery Series

• A novella of approximately 72,000 words 

• PG-18-rated content: No sexuality

• Set in the Florida Panhandle

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