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Viola Valentine Boxed Set

     They say there are blessings from disasters. For Viola Valentine, it was starting over.

The hurricane gave Viola Valentine the chance she needed to leave her dead-end job and loveless marriage. But the storm that came barreling through New Orleans also blew open a psychic door, one that Viola had worked hard to keep close. Now the travel writer must solve the mysteries of ghosts who have died by water.

Three books in one!

A Ghost of a Chance: As Viola enters her new career as travel writer, solving mysteries that appear with apparitions everywhere she goes, the one person she hopes to speak to — her daughter who died of leukemia years before — continues to elude her. Or does she?

Ghost Town: Viola must use her “gift” of seeing ghosts to rid Lorelei, Louisiana, of its apparitions. There's a recession on, jobs are hard to come by, and her suffocating family and ex-husband keep making demands. She takes solace in a new love interest, one who teaches her how to harness her anger. In the end, Viola realizes that only love can solve her problems, from ridding ghosts of lakeside towns to healing a broken heart.

Trace of a Ghost: Viola Valentine takes a trek down the historic Natchez Trace of Mississippi, but traveling along is an adventurous heiress who’s been dead since 1860 — and she wants her story known.

• Three contemporary paranormal mysteries
Book One-Three of the Viola Valentine Mystery Series
• Each a full-length novel of approximately 80,000 words
• R-rated content: Light sexuality
• Set in Louisiana and the Deep South

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