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Start the series with Emilie

Emilie by Cherie Claire

The first books in the Cajun Series concern the three Gallant sisters — Emilie, Rose and Gabrielle, who find love and adventure in the new frontier of Louisiana, then a Spanish colony. The story continues with Delphine, Gabrielle’s stubborn, pirating stepdaughter, then jumps ahead to the days when the Americans arrive with A Cajun Dream and its sequel novella, The Letter.

As the series begins in Emilie, strikingly beautiful and stubbornly defiant Emilie Gallant and her Cajun family have traveled to Louisiana in search of their father. The last thing Emilie has on her mind as she enters the rugged bayou country is marriage to her longtime companion, Lorenz Dugas. Emilie has worshipped Lorenz since childhood but having to fight to preserve her family has built a wall around her heart. But Lorenz is equally determined and his passion will prove that their love cannot be denied. As they make their way across the untamed Louisiana wilderness, hoping to reunite the Gallant family, Emilie learns that love has a way of healing all wounds­ — even in the most unusual places.

What others have said about Emilie:

“Pick up a copy of Emilie for your reading pleasure, and take a journey into the historical Acadian (Cajun) country of Louisiana for an educational, romantic read.”

—Carol Carter, Romance Reviews Today

“The beauty of Ms. Claire’s tale is in the message that love makes one a stronger and better person. She leaves just enough hints to keep readers eagerly anticipating the next two sisters’ tales. As a history buff, I enjoyed learning about the Acadian (Cajun) culture, as well as the story’s characters.”

—Evelyn Feiner, Romantic Times magazine

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