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New series sneak peek

I just got the covers of my new contemporary romance series, The Cajun Embassy, set to launch on Memorial Day Weekend. I'm so excited, don't know how I'll wait that long. The series follows three Columbia students homesick for Louisiana who come together over a bowl of gumbo. As they make their way in the world, they realize that love — and a good gumbo — can solve everything.

The series includes:

Ticket to Paradise, involving two down-on-their-luck characters, a winning California Lottery ticket and the power of love and gumbo.

Damn Yankees, where one determined Southerner and one heart-struck Yankee find more in common through love — and a good gumbo, of course.

Gone Pecan (pronounced pa-cawn for you Yankees), a story that proves you can go home again, when love — and a tasty chicken and andouille gumbo — are waiting.

In case you're wondering, I'm a gumbo connoisseur. In addition to a tantalizing love story, you'll find authentic gumbo recipes from my Louisiana kitchen.

Ticket to Paradise by Cherie Claire

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