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Free novels by top authors!

Multi-published authors from Novelists Inc. (aka Ninc) have gathered together to offer readers, via, novels for free. Among those participating in the giveaway include New York Times bestsellers, USA Today bestsellers and award-winning authors, including ME! Romance, mystery, thrillers, fantasy, Young Adult — there's something for everyone!

This wonderful Novelists Inc. promotion is the brainchild of Susan Gable and you can view all of the novels, plus download the free books, on her website. Click here. While you're there, check out Susan's awesome books.

I'm giving away "Ticket to Paradise" and you can also download the book for free at my page. By claiming a book, you are accepting the Instafreebie Terms and Conditions. You will also receive free ebook recommendations and updates from Instafreebie in your inbox.

The promotion runs until April 7, do get yours today!

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