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Introducing Viola Valentine

It's official. The Viola Valentine Mystery Series is off and running.

The first book in the series, A Ghost of a Chance, debuted on Valentine's Day in a soft launch. Now, book two in the series, Ghost Town, has hit bookstore shelves and the word is out.

Because here's the fun part. A Ghost of a Chance is now FREE to download!! Check out the new series gratis and, if you're as smitten with our New Orleans heroine as early readers have been, there's plenty more to follow.

A Ghost of a Chance

They say there are blessings from Hurricane Katrina. For Viola Valentine of New Orleans, it was losing her dead-end job and leaving behind a loveless marriage and an overbearing family.

But the storm also blew open a psychic door. Now she sees ghosts who have died by water.

As she enters her new career as travel writer, solving mysteries that appear with apparitions everywhere she goes, the one person she hopes to speak to — her daughter who died of leukemia years before — continues to elude her.

Or does she?

Ghost Town

Every day at dusk, in a small Louisiana town, the dead emerge from Lorelei Lake. And travel writer Viola Valentine must use her “gift” of seeing ghosts to rid this town of its apparitions. Viola struggles not only with the task at-hand, but hopes that this evolving ability she obtained after Hurricane Katrina will help her reach her beloved Lillye.

Yet, the more Viola struggles to talk to her departed daughter, the more frustrated she gets. Plus, it’s 2008, the height of the Great Recession, travel jobs are hard to come by, and her suffocating family and ex-husband keep making demands. She takes solace in a new love interest, one who teaches her how to harness her anger.

In the end, Viola realizes that only love can solve her problems, from ridding ghosts of lakeside towns to healing a broken heart.

Ghost Town, book two in the Viola Valentine Mystery Series.

Download A Ghost of a Chance for FREE here:

Buy Ghost Town here:

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