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Book discounts for Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday!

I thought to myself, how can I offer a discount to my readers for Black Friday? I figured those bored, standing in line to get sales on Friday might need a good read. And those who would never even consider heading out on the biggest retail day of the year might need a good book to enjoy while enjoying Thanksgiving leftovers besides a warm roaring fire. (The latter is me!)

But then...there's Small Business Saturday. And even though you might think of me as a novelist, — which, of course, I am! — I'm also considered a small business owner. Why not a discount for that?

Oh wait, there's Cyber Monday, and my books are available at all online bookstores!

So, here's the deal, dear readers. All of my ebooks are discounted until next Tuesday, Nov. 28, at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Instead of $4.99, the books will be on sale for $2.99! Of course, the first books in each of my three series are still FREE to download.

Yes, I said FREE.

Happy Holidays everyone. Happy reading.

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