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12 steps to hurricane preparedness

To all my friends facing some nasty weather and who have never been through a hurricane before, here are a few pointers. I've been through so many I've lost count.

  1. Eat everything in your freezer. Or at least most of it. You may lose power for hours or days so it’s good to eliminate as much of the cold stuff as possible. In the same vein, have a cooler handy.

  2. Right before the storm hits, fill your bathtubs. If your water system becomes compromised, you will have a water source. At the very least, it allows you to flush your toilets. If you have rain barrels, those work too.

  3. Have bottled water on hand for drinking and brushing teeth, bathing, etc.

  4. Have canned goods on hand, things that can be eaten without use of a stove.

  5. Be creative. Once the storm passes, you can cook meals on solar ovens. Here’s a great link to show you how.

  6. Tie down everything in your yard that may become projectiles. If you have a pool, throw all your patio furniture into the pool. Honestly, it works.

  7. Make sure all your important documents are in a safe place. Make sure important medicines are too. Have them handy should you be forced to leave.

  8. Board up windows that are easily breakable. Don’t use masking tape. It doesn’t work well and it’s horrible to remove.

  9. Get out the flashlights and make sure you have extra batteries.

  10. If you’re directly in the path of a hurricane, the eye will pass over your house and the bad weather will cease temporarily. The sun will come out and you’ll think it’s all over. Be very very careful. Once the eye moves, the bad winds kick up again and will take you by surprise. Knocked my father off his feet when he was young.

  11. If the weather becomes really bad, find the room in the house where there are no windows and stay there until the storm passes.

  12. Once it’s all over, go out and meet your neighbors. If you have a generator or chain saw, you’ll immediately become the most popular person around.

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