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Happy Mother's Day

There’s a scene in book two of my Viola Valentine mystery series where my main character, Vi, sits on the seawall overlooking Lake Pontchartrain in New Orleans. It’s a special spot for me because my parents took me there many, many times.

Since South Louisiana is mostly mud, if not water, the waterfront of Lake Pontchartrain left a lot to be desired as far as recreation. A seawall was built with steps leading down into the water and residents would step into the lake for light swimming, although we were always warned that waves could wash us underneath the seawall so we never ventured far. (I still wonder if that was true or if our parents were scaring us from hitting the deep water.)

Outside of Pontchartain Beach, the old New Orleans amusement park that pumped sand in for a makeshift beach, this was the only way to enjoy the lake, unless you had a boat. For us, it was enough. And if we wanted a true beach experience, we’d head to the Mississippi Gulf Coast.

On this Mother’s Day, I’m posting a photo of my mom LilyB pregnant with my older brother, my paternal grandmother Regina and my mom’s mom, Durward (yes, that was her name). I love this photo because they were all such good friends and the loves of my life. My mom’s still with me but boy do I miss my grandparents.

Happy Mother’s Day everyone.

P.S. The book was Ghost Town and you can find out more about it here.

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