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Boxed sets for more reading enjoyment!

Don't get left empty-handed!

These are things that truly scare me:

Ending an ebook while reading in bed and not having my phone near me to buy the next novel in the series.

Being on a plane and ending a book without another to begin.

Looking for something to read and the Internet's down.

Truly frightening thoughts, but here's a solution. Boxed sets. And I've got a few to offer.

The first three books in my Viola Valentine series are available in a boxed set and for the very low price of .99 cents!


• Three contemporary paranormal mysteries

• Book One-Three of the Viola Valentine Mystery Series

• Each a full-length novel of approximately 80,000 words

• R-rated content: Light sexuality

• Set in Louisiana and the Deep South

How about all six books in my Cajun Series of historical romances? Only $9.99.

Check out my website under "Cajun Series" (scroll to the bottom of the page) to find your favorite bookstore.

All three books of "The Cajun Embassy" are available at all online bookstores as well, for $4.99, a savings of $7. Find those bookstores here (scroll to the bottom of the page).

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28 dic 2022

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