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Why I love my town, part 3001

Lafayette, Louisiana, was named the Happiest Town in America by the Washington Post's, and when you look back a few years you might wonder why; we've had a few tragedies to deal with. But maybe that's the beauty of this town. We reach out and hug each other in times of despair. We pull together and get the job done. We pray.

A few summers ago my son's best friend disappeared one night while riding her bicycle home. Josh and his friends instantly plastered social media with news of her disappearance, including quickly creating videos that went viral. Because of their work, her bike was found and the investigation moved forward. The man responsible for her death is now behind bars.

Last summer, a deranged man opened fire in our movie theater, killing two beautiful women in an act of hatred against females. Once again, the town held vigils, offered support, posted signs everywhere of "Lafayette Strong."

This past week as we watched yet another senseless act of violence, citizens of Lafayette painted our downtown sign rainbow colors, then held a vigil. Unfortunately we understand violence, as so many towns do these days, but we offered love and prayers once again.

You can debate the political side of these tragedies and I'll leave that up to you. But I'm thankful for a town that responds with love. We are Lafayette Strong.

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