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Trace of a Ghost Travelogue

When I’m not penning stories about ghost hunting travel writers from Louisiana, I’m working as a travel writer from Louisiana. Over the past few years I’ve had the pleasure of visiting Florence and Muscle Shoals, Alabama, as well as traveling down the beautiful, historic Natchez Trace, pausing at Tupelo, Mississippi, where I was entertained by a host of singing Elvi, or Elvis tribute artists

Here are a few travel articles I have written on the regions spotlighted in “Trace of a Ghost”:

Louisiana Life Magazine - Historical Charm: Tours, tastings and taking in the sites round out a long, fun weekend in Natchez

Louisiana Life Magazine - Natchez, Mississippi, celebrates 300 years

AAA Southern Traveler – The Beat Goes On: New Americana Music Triangle sings the praises ofSouthern influences on our country's musical cultures.

City Social, Baton Rouge – Something in the Water: Muscle Shoals, Alabama (page 39)

City Social, Baton Rouge – A Foodie's Heaven: Eating Across Bama

Face Magazine of Lafayette – Travels Along the Trace - See Below

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